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$5.00 for extra features? Yeah!
Recognition with Golden Supporter status:

We want to recognize those members who have chosen to donate to keeping the site up and live for everyone to enjoy and use. When donating we request you include your username or account e-mail address as a note. As a way of saying thank you, within 24 hours of receiving your donation of a minimum of $5.00 USD you will receive a golden-yellow colored Site Supporter status on the forum for a minimum of six months.

Perks of donating $5.00 USD or greater and earning Golden Supporter status:
  • Your username in a golden-yellow color
  • Site rank of * Site Supporter *
  • Access to a secret gold chat room
  • Ability to send private messages to users through the instant chat room
  • Access to a private forum section for only supporters
  • Ability to test new site features before they are releasted
  • The satisfaction of knowing you're helping to keep our community alive
*In the works benefits:
  • No ads displayed as you browse the site
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We appreciate the help!
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