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Tips for getting into Littlespace

Tips on how to get into littlespace Image Littlespace is the mindset or headspace in which an adult baby or little feels most carefree, accepted, and mentally youthful. Some adult babies or littles are only in littlespace during certain times while others may always be in littlespace as part of their natural personality. Either way, it's important for an adult baby or little to get to experience littlespace often to fulfill their psychological needs.

If you are an adult baby or little and would like to enter the littlespace mindset then you may try the following tips:

  • First and foremost, start your littlespace adventure in a safe place where you know you won't be interrupted or disturbed by other people. Most people choose to go into littlespace in the privacy of their home when nobody else is home or in their bedroom with the door locked.
  • Set uninterrupted time where you can get lost in yourself for a set amount of time without it disrupting other responsibilities. An hour or longer is preferred so that you can take time to relax into the right state of mind.
  • Surround yourself with the right audio to create your ambiance:
    • Turn on one of your favorite animated movies or cartoon series. You don't have to watch it, but the sound itself could help bring you into the mindset.
    • If you don't have your favorite animated film or show available then opt to turn on music created for children. (Anything from lullabies, to children singing, or even music from things like Disney films. Disney Radio still exists!)
    • If music isn't your thing, try playing audio recording of people reading children's stories.
  • Surround yourself with stuffed animals, dolls, and toys that remind you of being childlike.
  • Consider getting down on the floor to kid-level. Sitting on the floor (perhaps on a special mat or rug just for this purpose) can help you play with toys better and gives you a better "little" perspective.
  • Consider building a blanket and pillow fort to start the process. Sometimes making your own special little area can create a new sense of comfort and safety.
  • Have at least one activity available for you while in littlespace. This could be small activities like coloring with crayons, minor popsicle stick crafts with glue, beading necklaces and bracelets, building with legos or blocks.
  • Dress up. Wear what makes you feel more happy and young. Think about wearing adult-sized diapers, bright colors, "styling" your hair, wearing frilly clothing, wearing clothing with pictures (of animals or trucks for example), or putting on your favorite pajamas.
  • Prepare little-sized snacks and drinks for your littlespace adventure:
    • Use small ziplock sandwich or snack sized bags.
    • Use plastic children's plates and utensils with cartoon characters displayed on them.
    • Use sippy cups or bottles for your drinks.
    • Try having ready fingerfoods and snacks like trailmix, baby sized vegetables like carrots (carrots and ranch dip, perhaps), cut up vegetables like celery (celery and peanut butter, perhaps), bite-sized candies or M&Ms, or lollipops.
    • Try having ready drinks that make you feel childish like chocolate milk, horchata, an ice cream float, kool-aid, milk, or juice.
  • Ultimately, surround yourself with happiness. When you're getting ready to enter littlespace think of things that make you the most happy and incorporate them.
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