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Community Rules

Site Rules:
Contact the site admin or moderators to report issues or request clarification.
  • All members are currently required to be biologically the age of 18 or older (in certain countries 21 or older). While most of our content is PG or PG-13, our age requirement is due to legal and ethical reasons.
  • Be respectful of other members. The so-common, "Your kink is not my kink and that's okay," should apply to variety of situations on the forum. As your biological mother may have said, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.
  • No always mean no. If someone says they are no longer interest in pursuing a connection with you then please respect their decision. Just the same, if someone says they are not comfortable talking about a subject then do not continue to encourage them to participate in the conversation that they are choosing to stay out of on the site.
  • We expect members to only open and/or operate one account. Do not create a second account for any reason without clear permission from the site admin directly. We will permanently remove all secondary accounts if you've not been given permission to maintain two accounts or open a second account. See our help page on how to change your username if you ever need to have it updated.
  • Chat program names (kik, whatsapp, snapchat, skype), social media names or links (facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram), personal contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses), and personal blogs/vlogs or journals (wordpress, livejournal, YouTube) are not permitted to be posted publicly on the site. Only add these things to your profile or exchange them through private message. See more about this in our Privacy Rules Explanation thread. See our help page on how to see user profiles, chat, and send/receive private messages if you don't have access to those features yet.
  • Respect chat room conversation. Some conversation may involve controversial topics. If it is not illegal, degrading, harassing, belittling, or obviously harmful then please make your choice as to whether or not you wish to participate or stay within the chat. You're welcome to leave chat for a period of time and check in later to see if the topic had changed. Feel free to report serious issues, problems, and offenses to the admin as needed.
    • Topics pertaining to substance use, regardless of the legality of the usage, are inappropriate for our community and are prohibited.
  • Respect other members when choosing chat room topics. Heated topics about religion, politics, and finances may be good topics to avoid but aren't necessarily prohibited. Think of our site chat room as a cafe full of friends--be respectful and kind as often as possible. Feel free to report serious issues, problems, and offenses to the admin as needed.
    • Topics pertaining to substance use, regardless of the legality of the usage, are inappropriate for our community and are prohibited.
  • When stating your age please be clear if it's in reference to your little/play age or your actual biological age. See this Your Age in Your Posts thread for more information.
  • Do not ever reply to an introduction thread asking to be someone's little, Caregiver, Mommy, Daddy, adult baby, or any other sensual or romantic interest. We are a community and introductions are not personal ads.
  • Foul language (cursing/cussing; profanity) is permitted as long as it is not said out of a rage of anger or directed specifically towards a member. By default, our community has a word-censor turned on but you are welcome to turn the site word censor off at your discretion.
  • Report threads, users, posts, and chat room issues when they arise. If you see something wrong happening, run into a user who is under the age of 18, are being harassing in any way, or feel something is just downright inappropriate, illegal, or immoral then please do your due diligence and keep the community in a safe zone by reporting the issue, person, or content. Feel free to report site issues, users breaking our rules, or offensive content to our moderators or site admin when needed.
  • We do not tolerate discussion or sharing of sensual activities, encounters, or fantasies involving underage persons or minors (younger than 18 years of age), incest, or forced encounters (including situations where a person in a fantasy may be knowingly or unknowingly given mind/conscious-altering or inhibition-dulling substances). It's okay to post your stimulating material or fantasies as long as you let the reader know that everyone involved is an adult.
  • Topics pertaining to substance use, regardless of the legality of the usage, are inappropriate for our community at this time. Posts centered around substance use, or where substance use is prominent, are prohibited.
  • We do not tolerate discussion of sensual activities or encounters involving animals. This includes topics of beastiality and zoophilia.
  • We do not tolerate hate-speech. This includes, but is not limited to, derogatory comments regarding race, religion, and sensual orientation.
  • We do not tolerate the intentional creation of drama, purposely provoking other members to become heated or agitated, or degrading remarks or comments about our community site.
  • There is to be no posting of images or material written by a person under the age of 18 in any sensual situation, including nudity or provocative imagery.
  • Self-promotion is not permitted. This includes linking to your personal webcam channel, GoFundMe and similar account pages, providing your affiliate or referral link to gain any type of currency, free item, discount, coupon, or other rewards.
  • Store, shop, Etsy, eBay, or other webmarket or webstore promotion is not permitted. Our Buy & Sell section of ours site is strictly for personal buying and selling and not for resellers or those looking looking to gain a customer base.
  • You are not welcome to use our community for link building to your website, journal, blog, external chat or video/streaming site, or other link unless explicitly agreed upon with the site admin directly. Do not post your link(s) on our site because we do not exist here to promote you, your products, or your content. If you are interested in advertising your website, content, or product(s) on the Littlespace Online community then you will need to contact the administration of the site.
  • Do not use our chat system or private messaging options to build external chat groups, sites, or communities. Abuse of our communication methods may result in being permanently banned from the community. You are welcome to create one post in our Chat Groups area about your external chat group if desired, but you should not draw additional attention to that posting or your external group through our chat system or private messaging options.
General Agreements:
  • By viewing, joining, or participating on this forum in any manner you agree that you are 18 years old or older.
  • By participating on the forum you agree to not impersonate the administration or moderators.
  • You agree to only post content you fully own the rights to be posting. You will not post images you do not have the authority to post and will not solely submit material from other sources onto a post.
  • You agree not to copy any material from this forum or site and use it in any way outside of the intended purpose. This includes re-posting to other sites or printing the material. You are to assume at all times that you do not have permission to re-post any thing you see on our community site known as Littlespace Online.
General Activity:
  • Feel free to "bump" any of your personals threads once every 24 hours if desired. This can be done by posting a reply on the thread as "bump" or "I'm still looking."
  • Try your best to stay on topic in each thread. Make a new thread for a new topic.
  • Try to categorize your thread into the right section of the forum. If you realize you have posted in an incorrect area then please let a moderator or administrator know through private message, report the post and request it to be relocated, or by posting once in the thread to ask it to be moved to the appropriate category.
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