HELP! Friends affected by Hurricane Florence! HELP!

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HELP! Friends affected by Hurricane Florence! HELP!

Postby admin » 1 month ago

Twice the size of the state of Louisiana, Hurricane Florence is leaving hundreds of thousands without power and flooding homes, vehicles, businesses, and roads. The Red Cross is currently providing safe shelter and comfort for evacuees across six states. More than 20,000 people sought refuge in more than 200 Red Cross and community shelters Thursday night to escape the storm’s wrath. As of midnight, 14,000 people were in 124 shelters in North Carolina, and 5,600 people in 59 shelters in South Carolina. An additional 430 people stayed in 23 shelters in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Maryland.

About 2,000 Red Cross disaster workers from all over the U.S. have been mobilized to help shelter, feed, and support people affected by Florence. Working with partners, the Red Cross has served 47,000 meals and snacks in North Carolina and South Carolina. To bolster relief efforts, the Red Cross is mobilizing nearly 100 emergency response vehicles and more than 120 trailers of equipment and supplies, including 100,000 ready-to-eat meals and enough cots and blankets for more than 42,000 people.

Hurricane Florence has impacted life saving blood and platelet donations. Many blood drives in the storm's path were cancelled. The Red Cross is asking donors in non-impacted areas to please donate blood now.

The American National Red Cross is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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