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~My new stuffie~

Posted: |February 27th, 2017|, 12:53 am
by bunny_luna97
I went to the mall on Saturday and went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and got a new stuffie! I got the Beast one for the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie that's coming out on march 17th(I'm so excited for it). I named him Adam since that's his actual name(Prince Adam) but I still call him beast tho; I even got the little outfit for him too! He's super cute and soft and cuddly and I love him so much :stuffie: :stuffie: :splode:

Re: ~My new stuffie~

Posted: |May 20th, 2017|, 12:49 am
by PoptartPrince
Oh my gosh that is the coolest stuffie!! I didn't even know they were doing a Beast stuffie for Beauty and the Beast. I've always wanted to go to Build A Bear workshop, but I've still never been before. I always see everyone talking about it and showing the cool stuffies that they get from there. This is definitely the coolest one though. Maybe if I get a caregiver they will take me. :) Is it fun?