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By kittylizzytt
I'm gonna decorate a paci! Once the pacifier that I'm using as a base comes in the mail then I can start. I wanna use one cresant moon for the middle and then surround it with some of the stars.
sounds adorable were you able to finish? my little boy saw this and said he wants to decorate his to now what did you use to seal the pieces in, I can't quite tell from the image itself? but thank you for giving us a new idea and I hope yours turned out as cute as I'm imagining!
I used deco whipped cream stuff to put the pieces one. I think it came out nice but you can judge for yourself. I'll insert a picture below of it.
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By Juicebox
That is gorgeous 0:
Reminds me of Sailor Moon- which I love so much ^-^ <3
You did a great job!

I bought a whole heap of cabochons to decorate my ODU pacies but I only have a hot glue gun- do you think that would work?
I wanted to get lil rhinestones too but haven't got around to it yet :3
I love the moon and stars. It makes me wanna get a hot pink paci to SailorMoonerize :heart:
Your Paci is soo cute! I'm decorating some of mine right now but they already have pictures on them so its not turning out as good :( ...

I've been trying to use model glue for miniatures on mine but I don't think its working I might try my hot glue gun but if you use a glue gun on plastic you have to sand it first or it will just fall apart (learnt that the hard way) and then the Pacifier might have scratches in uncovered spaces.
I used e6000 glue to attach my glitter then put clear polish over it and added paint as decoration haven’t tested with washing yet but nothing has come off at all and after drying completely it doesn’t have any funny smell

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