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By BabyWolf97
When you guys color, do you like coloring kink pictures or kids pics or adult coloring book pictures?

I'm trying to find more kink pictures, I love all of them but I just can't find that many.

Also crayons, markers, colored pencials, pens, or digital?
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By Isabelle
I color lots of Disney princess books, hello kitty, Minnie mouse, lisa frank, and adult color pages too. What I likes best are usually bigger simple pictures not ones with lots of background details as they take FOREVERS to colors sometimes.

My favorite are the twistables colored pencils from Crayola. Markers bleed too much and crayons need to be sharpened a lot.
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By Snowflake911
I color in children and adult coloring books. I prefer color pencils. However lately when I sit down to color I just end up not cos it's a lot of work lol
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By DaddyandKitten
I love to color children's pictures, kink pictures online tend to not be very good (quality-wise). I enjoy the innocence of children's coloring pages and in me and my Daddy's DDLG dynamic, we entertain a more innocent relationship when it comes to me being in littlespace so I don't like to implement twisty aspects into it. I prefer crayons, they make me feel smol
By Crybaby13
i usually prefer child like ones .... but i love the adult coloring books that has mermaids and fairys :pheart:
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By brattymiddle
I like coloring all kinds of coloring books. I like super hero books, and Godzilla books, and adult books too. I am coloring in a adult book now.. whew I have been working on the same picture for 2 days now... it all helps me feel little.
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By DaddysKittenNikki
I like coloring adult coloring books but adorable ones. I got a new one from amazing called "F*cking Adorable" and I absolutely loves it. I like colored pencils. I have so many. :gigs:

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