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I'm working on a bullet journal for my littlespace. It stated turning to a guide to little me. My daddy is learning so he uses it to help take care of me but I need help. I've got writers block!
By Daxterman
I love that idea! How about you write about some of your desires and objectives as a little? (Let's imagine you always wanted to try something or go somewhere) How about writing about how you feel towards something like a cartoon, or a stuffie? Maybe make an album with all the information you can gather about your plushies!
I have things like stuffy profiles and lists of things I like such as food, movies, and TV I also have a guide to take care of me and a nightly check list but I do like the idea of putting down my desires thank you daxterman
This is great! I made one a while back too. I really like the stuffy profile list and movies. I have a list of musics that make me feel little, a page for Daddy Time (activities to do with my Daddy), a When I'm Sick page, special pages for adventurez I go on, Limits, list of things for my little chest/sml backpack, aftercare ideas and what works, what i want help with..areas for improvement, rewards, punishments, things that make me feel little w/a Daddy. Hope at least one of these things helps. Can I use your ideas in mine?? I hope you have a great time making more of yours!
I made a profile of each of my stuffies, i have alot of them so it helps Daddy keep them straight. I even drew alittle picture of them. Wrote there name, gender, and alittle about them.
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