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I'm a Furry artist and this is my Fursona BowWow. BowWow is the embodiment of my Little self when I'm feeling punkish or a bit bratty hehe. BowWow is the same age as me, 22, and dresses in a way that shows how childish he is, however still showing "Yeah I'm an adult"

I went with a more bright color scheme instead of pastels because it conveys a much more excited and happy feel rather than a soothing calm feel.

BowWow is also a bit more of my Middle side because they too play video games and drink energy drinks, however he still uses a paci and is still very much Little hehe. BowWow is Agender but prefers male Pronouns.

I also based his color scheme on my really fond memories of when I used to play in those super cool play areas in Burger King and when my grandma used to bring me to McDonald's everytime I saw her. Oh oh and old Nickelodeon, his nails have Slime designs on them hehehe :gigs:

BowWow's Ref sheet is still a WIP, I gotta sort out his likes and dislikes n such. Oh also his shoes say the F-word cuz my Daddy lets me say the F-word :devil:

I upload all my art to my Twitter, though I don't openly state that I am Little on there due to the community being very mean towards Littles right now. Also sorry for the low quality, since its not done I just took a pic of my tablet screen.

Aah thank you so muchhh :pinkh:

Forgot to mention that the picture next to him is a Mood Board I included in the reference (if you're not a furry/new to furry a reference is a big picture with info about your fursona ^_^) so I apologise in advance if that caused any confusion lol
I actually DO have more art!! Here's his entire WIP ref so far! Still more to add though cuz I love detail hehehe, I'm so proud of this :gigs: :pheart:
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