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How to Private Chat

How to Change Your Username

How to Request Account or Post Deletion
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We realize that sometimes members may need to change their user name on Littlespace Online. If you need to change your username because it's attached to your personal details elsewhere online then contact the Admin. directly and we can discuss it further to have that taken care of for you.

When contacting the Admin. please include:
  • Your current username
  • The username you would like to update to (if no new username is specified then the username will not be changed)
  • A brief reason for the change request

  • Please do not create a second account on the site because you want a different username.
    • We expect members to only open and/or operate one account. Do not create a second account for any reason without clear permission from the site admin directly. We will permanently remove all secondary accounts if you've not been given permission to maintain two accounts or open a second account.
  • Please do not pass messages through other members to ask that your username be changed for the site.

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