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Littlespace has been an integral part of our lives for many years now.

When we first discovered the community, it all made sense to us. We were not old enough to understand what lifestyle meant at that point, but it had always been our desire to be Babies, so it was a happy discovery when we found that others had the same thoughts and feelings as we did.

We were not prepared to fully embrace the lifestyle through our teen years. Our desires went without check and were cause of grief and stress for not only ourselves, but our friends and family as well.

However, the people around us helped us recenter our focus and find balance, and when starting college things drastically changed for the better. We started seeing regression as something very happy, as a very positive outlet, rather than something that made us sad if we couldn't find fully and completely have it.
But we also realized that regression can come only after we fulfill our duties as citizens, responsible adults.

So, as we gained and discovered freedom throughout college, we found natural ways to passively include our regressive traits into our activities and relationships, to the point where we felt much happier and relaxed about everything than we have ever been (past our childhood years).

We gained beautiful friendships through Littlespace, within and without the community. We have connected with our family. We have also found our soulmate in our Mommy through the community. And we have found ourselves and our inner happiness. Thank you, Littlespace!

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