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I have a friend who is a little like me and we wanna play together, but we're both in the closet so we have very little little stuff, any ideas on things we can do together besides watching cartoons?
Playing with Baloons, Pens and sketching tatoos on each other. Make belive games with Princess and tea parties. Cuddle with teddy bears and watch a animated movie. You can make :craze: use of adult stuff and play.
I like to sit in the Foxhole (maybe you guys can make a fort?) and draw pictures while listening to stuff like the soundtrack from Coco. ^^ I also like baking cookies; some nice, simple ones like peanut butter or chocolate chip.
Other ideas:
Get sidewalk chalk and draw on your driveway or sidewalk.
Bring your stuffies over and reenact something (my baby sister and I used to do this ALL THE TIME).
Blow bubbles! If you put corn syrup in your bubble formula, the bubbles will get thick enough to bounce on carpet!
Get some colorful scrunchies and do each other's hair.
Find some chunky beads or buttons and make bracelets.
This one comes from a little archive in my brain from when I was really small and I had a teacher who would shut us in the craft closet when we didn't behave; if I had a second ne'er-do-well with me, we would pull down boxes of plain popsicle sticks and make little buildings by stacking them log-cabin style, and then making little catapults and bombarding the little stick buildings. It's lots of fun. ^_^
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