Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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What is your favorite stuffy's name?

What type of animal or doll is your favorite stuffy?
Bunbun ♪

What is your favorite snack while in littlespace?
chocolate ::3:

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Which Disney princess, prince, or character is your favorite?

What is your favorite cartoon?
If It's For My Daughter, I'd Even Slay A Demon Lord ♪

Do you wear diapers?
If so, what are your favorite brands of diapers?

Do you use pacifiers (dummies, binkies, soothies)?
- If so, what's your favorite brand or type?
- If so, how many do you own?
yes! i unno brandses, buh i has 4!

Do you suck your thumb?

Do you use a sippy cup?
- If so, how many do you own?
not yet...

Do you have a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver?
- If so, what do you call them?
i wish :sry:

Do people in real life know that you're little?

Do you have a little age or age range?
5 to 11, i thinks... no one really knowses

When did you realize that you were a little?
i unno! jus kinda always was one ♪

What is something that will always put you into littlespace or something you always do while in littlespace?
my stuffiessssss

Are you a sexual or nonsexual little?

Are you (or do you want to be) a little 24/7?

Do you like coloring?
- If so, do you prefer crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor, pastels, or something else?
coloured pencilssss

What is your favorite color?
lavender and chewwy bwossom and sapphire!!!

What is your favorite little nickname to be called?
i un has any yet / n\

What is your favorite bedtime story or fairytale?

Do you sleep with a nightlight?
i sleepies with a persons!

Do you sleep with a stuffy?

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