The official forum for the World of Warcraft guild, Family, on Moonguard.
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Family is a DDlg / MDlb / ABDL / ageplay guild on the Moon Guard realm in the game World of Warcraft. This forum area is intended to be the official guild forum for members to browse and catch up on guild-happenings, events, and active roleplays.
  • Guild Name: Family (formerly The Little Playhouse)
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Server: Moon Guard
  • Focus: Adult social guild
  • Formed: 1/3/2015
Tradechat Ad: <Family> is a new casual guild recruiting for our family theme. We are friendly and intend to remain small. Must be 18 or older. that one BDSM community website forum, RaidCall voice chat, and frequent guild events. PST for more info

Additonal Information: We offer a safe place to be yourself while playing the game. Fun, casual guild events are set frequently but are not mandatory to attend. RP is optional. We are a discreet adult guild on Moon Guard so you aren't negatively judged (based on guild name or guild reputation) when grouped with others who may even be able to see your guild rank name.

If you are interested in joining Family on Moon Guard please let us know here or in game. We'd be happy to have you around!

The user connected to the guild on the forum is Healory. Please contact them directly for information or invitations!

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