The official forum for the World of Warcraft guild, Family, on Moonguard.
Since we are relatively new and getting to know each other our guild bank access is limited. You can retrieve things from the guild bank though!

If you find something in the guild bank that you need then please whisper any Officer or our Guild Master.
We will be happy to get the item(s) to you as quickly as we can.

Guild bank donations are greatly appreciated!


What the guild needs in the bank:

Warlords of Draenor crafting materials (herbs, ore, fish, etc.) and roleplay items that you like (interesting gear, fun items, etc.) are things to think about when choosing to give to our guild bank.

Gold is also good for the bank since it can be used to purchase items and prizes for events.

  • We're on a RP realm. Even if you don't roleplay you likely have guildies that do, and it's perfectly acceptable to deposit nice-looking gear into the bank to share. Fun items are dandy too.
  • Most of us have the WoD expansion and leveling heirlooms already. Cap level crafted gear may be useful, but those good-stats-for-a-leveling-60-toon items may not be so great (especially if it's...ugly).
  • We're not a trashcan. If it isn't nice for RP and it just isn't useful then vendor it if you don't want it.
  • You don't have to give. Donations are appreciated but are not mandatory in any manner.

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