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I thought it would nice to get a suggestion list of add-ons people use when playing WoW. Personally, I don't use many at all but I know there are some really nifty things available that could help with all sorts of things in-game!

So, I'll start with my list of recommendations and I hope other people will follow along with their favorites below...

You can download software for add-ons at Curse Client:
  • Recount - - Basically it's to check my healing numbers, and compare such numbers to other healers, during a fight or an overall instance (like, throughout the entire raid). It has a section separated off for DPS counts too but I never DPS.
  • MyRolePlay / MRP - - So, I don't actually use MRP but I've been recommended it a ton of times. Apparently you can put a description of your character and/or your RP preferences for others to check out!

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PTD wrote:
Unknown wrote: In addition to the above addons I like to use:

Bartender: UI mod that let's me resize, move, and stack my buttons however I want on the screen.

IceHUD: Adds vertical, curved, or horizontal bars that can replace or supplement health/rage/mama/etc. Bars so you dont have to move your eyes away from the action to check stats. Its tedious to set up but once you do it can copy to all your other toons!

Healbot: essential one-click tool for healers.

DBM: keeps giving you warnings about each phase of PvE fights
PTD wrote:
  • Master Plan - - Is an addon that gives you more options to your command table in your garrison. It lets you complete all of your garrison missions with one button (you don't have to watch the animations and can complete them faster). It lets you sort the order you want to see garrison missions (top success first/mission level first/which missions expire first). It does a lot more as well.
  • Gatherer - - New addon I picked up recently, it puts an icon on your map of a deposit/herb that you gathered (basically saves the location). This lets you look at your map for your mining/herbing route instead of having to get out of the game to look at wowhead.

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