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By Healory
Guild Guidelines:

Be Honest: Nobody likes liars. There's no reason to come to the guild and fib about anything. We're your support. We accept you--whatever that entails. Just be honest with us.

Be Tolerant:
If folks are chatting in guild chat about something you disagree with then tolerate the differences of others. You don't have to like it, agree with it, or participate in it. It's okay.

Be Respectful: Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut. Sometimes it's better to nod and politely smile. Sometimes it's best to just leave a person alone who has expressed the desire to be left alone. Nobody's perfect.


No Means NO: If you've expressed interest in a guild member and they've declined your advances then back off. Move on. Persistence will not pay off.

No ERP in Guild Chat: ERP (Erotic RolePlay) is typically something private. If this arises please take the conversation to whisper.

Adult Conversation is Accepted: Guild chat can certainly consist of adult conversation. This could include discussion of sexual encounters and kinks. Please be mindful that we accept these discussions.

Mature Language is Accepted: Feel free to use those dirty, dirty words without fear you'll be removed from the guild. We're all really adults here and should be able to toggle the Mature Filter feature on if we don't want to see it.

We Accept Alts: Some players don't want to have their main be in our guild for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they own their own guild, want to be in a raiding or pvp specific guild for their main, or only want to occasionally participate in our discussions. It's okay to leave your alt in our guild.

Hate Speech is NOT Acceptable: If you have a strong dislike of people who are xyz then keep it to yourself. We have all sorts of people in the guild--littles, diaper lovers, Caregivers, different races and nationalities, gay/lesbian, and even people who are gender transitioning. If you dislike a type of person or kink then avoid bringing up your feelings about it.

What if...

I'm being harassed by a guild member?: Try to take notes on what is happening and when so you're able to explain things clearly to another person. Then come to an Officer or the Guild Master to discuss it as quickly as possible.

I feel uncomfortable with the current guild chat conversation?: You can move gchat to a separate window in WoW if you want. This helps you separate the chats so you don't have to see what is going on in the guild if you don't want to. If the conversation is bothersome because it's offensive then let an Officer or the Guild Master know as quickly as possible.

Someone hurts my feelings?: Sometimes people words things poorly or they don't realize they've been offensive and it causes hurt feelings. Please try to bring the situation up to the person first so that they have the opportunity to apologize or make corrections to their words first.

I want to ERP with a guild member?: Please be respectful and whisper the guild member. Asking in guild chat could put them on the spot or cause potential embarrassment. It's okay to whisper someone and ask if they're interested.

I don't like a certain guild member?: There could be many reasons why you don't get along with another guild member. You don't have to interact with them though. You are welcome to put them on your WoW ignore list if you prefer not to even see things they may say in guild chat. We encourage you to try to sort differences out but if you just can't then it's understandable.

I don't want to participate in a guild event?: No guild event has required participation. If you don't want to be included in an event then don't sign-up on the calendar for it in WoW. No worries.

I want to lead a guild event?: Then do it! We absolutely encourage you to plan out a date or time (or be spontaneous) for an event. Feel free to use the calendar for member participation sign up and talk about it in guild chat.

I left the guild but I want to re-join?: Please whisper an Officer or the Guild Master to discuss what happened and why you left initially.

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