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By Healory
Our fourth guild event has been set:

Beach Party!

Participants will be meet in Eversong Woods. We will gather for a prize event. Each participating member will /roll in hopes of winning a spectacular prize. The highest roll wins a prize. We will have two runner-up prizes.

Event intended to be short, light and allow us to introduce ourselves to each other, check our transmog options, and get light RP started between members, if desired.

1st Place Prize: A super-duper pretty Blood Elf Bandit Mask:! Other prizes to be announced and awarded during the event

Details: Participating members will be invited to a group party and summoned to Eversong Woods if needed. Participants will drink, eat, and be merry. Light RP may begin. When announced, each member will /roll exactly once for the first place prize. The highest /roll number will win. Both In-Character or Out-Of-Character participation is acceptable during the event. Only ONE roll is permitted per location. In the case of a tie in highest roll number, the two highest rollers will roll again against each other.

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015

Time: 6:00PM Server Time (Moon Guard realm)

Length: Approximately 30 minutes long

Destination: Eversong Woods (Summons will be available for those level 10+)

Register: Sign-up for the event through the in-game calendar.

Any level
In-character RP not required
Participation not mandatory
Must be present for the entire event in-game to participate and win
Winner will be announced in-game as well as below


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