A munch is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in this adult dynamic. Feel free to toss around your ideas for a local munch meet-up or list dates, times, and locations for already-set munches.
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I would love to make friends in the community! It's very hush hush here so this is really the only way to find people. I'm looking for a platonic relationship where we can be totally comfortable around eachother, hang out together, and talk about everything including all things lifestyle. :hi:
I'm a little in Louisville! It's not Cincinnati but I'm kinda close, plus Cincinnati is usually my go-to destination when I wanna get out of town. I think its only a lil under two hours away! We should totally be friends, if you want ^u^ Feel free to PM me if you wanna chat c:
I'm in Louisville as well!! I'm sort of shy so I'd love to make new friends. I've just recently discovered my love for being a little and want to become more active and embrace it. I'm lucky to have a daddy that takes care of me and is patient while we figure things out. It would be lovely to have someone to else to talk to though.
Hihi :bye:

Aww so close but so far away. :tears:
Im a little in ohio but im in the toledo area.

But we can be text/chat buddies? :yes:

Or you can just hunt me up on sns im "zianasue" pretty much everywhere.

So introductions...

Im Ziana Im 29 in bio years and a 12 yr old adult teen / 6 year old little little. I like all things blue. Im not a fan of pink. I love stuffies.

Lets be buddies??
Hey I live in Northern Kentucky (we are Kentucky not Cincinnati now that that has been said I can move on. 😁) anyway I wondered if you ever found a scene here is like to meet people in the area. If not... It would be nice to meet at least one person.
Ohmygosh I'm so happy this is a thread, and I didn't have to make one, heheh.
I live in Northern Kentucky as well! Right up there next to Cincinnati, but I also just moved a bit away. So I'm further from the 'Nati than I used to be! <Sad.>
Anyway, I've only met two other littles face to face before! It'd be reaaaally neat if I could even simply chat with some of you. ♡
I wike makin' fwiendies c:
I'm in Cincinnati! There really isn't a huge community here sometimes on that one BDSM community website they have munches for littles though! they had one earlier this month at the mall and everyone went to Build-a-Bear together...I was too shy to go by myself though.
Hey im joey

Im an ab. Age play 2 yrs old. Real age 39. I live in middletown. I dont have many friends if any. Im looking for a friend i can talk to, not just about this but any thing. If your interested in a friendship let me know. Text me if you like. Five 1 three 3 nine 3 one 5 seven 4. I
I don't want this post to fall out of sight so I'm gonna bump it up a little bit with adding that I'd love love love to have a get together some time. Plus a little friend of mine - MissAna, actually, and widdlekittie would have a blast to meet with friends in the future. The mall sounded like a PERFECT idea. What is it? $30 for a buildabear? And if not one of those there are definitely cute itty bitty stuffies around.~
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