A munch is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in this adult dynamic. Feel free to toss around your ideas for a local munch meet-up or list dates, times, and locations for already-set munches.
By JuneStar
I know this is too late (Happy Easter!) but I was thinking that perhaps someone might be interested in setting up a littles Easter egg hunt next year. I use to love Easter egg hunts when I was a kid! It's a shame that adults don't really do it. :(

I was thinking that the night before the Easter munch that littles could either get to get together or singularly dye a few eggs. Depending on how many littles or babies were going to attend, they could dye just a couple (2-3), a few (5-6), or a lot (10-12). (Probably more than less because dying eggs is pretty fun and you can be super creative!)

Everyone could meet either at someone's home (maybe with a private, decent-sized backyard) or a reserved area (a park or some such that can be reserved for a private party). Littles could dress up pretty dresses and cute outfits. The Bigs or Caregivers could hide the eggs while the littles are playing together for a few minutes.

Littles could hunt eggs, put them into their very own egg basket, and bring them to their Caregiver or a designated Big as an accomplishment.

After egg hunting everyone could have a bit of lunch and just relax together. Perhaps a potluck type lunch so everyone could make a little something to share.

I'm just brainstorming here. Ideas, suggestions, thoughts..?
By Magnus
i used to be really really good at easter egg hunts. i do miss those... i've seen adults do easter egg hunts with like little mini alcohol bottles in the eggs instead of candy :P
By JuneStar
Ah! That' a very cute twist on Easter egg hunting! I didn't think of that at all. That could go over very well for the Bigs in the community. I know, as a little, I'd love hiding eggs for Daddy to find. Hmm... I wonder if this type of thing is already set up in my area! Although, a littles theme to it would be best.
By Magnus
yeah i know a lot of littles would love the idea of tugging in daddy's sleeve getting him to play along with them. everyone wins

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