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i use baby pacis. i only have two but they feel fine in my mouth. i have a small mouth and my teeth are constantly gritted so i pretty much always use my paci even when i am not in little space. i dont use them when i am in public but i think it feels nice. i dont usually have much money so i just get my little stuff from the dollar tree and i really like there stuffs anyhow cuz its cute and cheap and you can get more for less. but i would still like to try an adult paci. i havent found a site other than etsy though that sells adult pacis. but i think it is really up to the little and how they feel about their paci .
:pacy: When it comes to pacis I like the baby ones but I always make sure to get the ones that are 6-18 months. I like the variety in designs they have. Though I do get the adult ones off of Etsy shops when I get custom made ones.
I’ve tried both. A regular Nuk 5 which was just plain boring white. It was all I could find at the time I bought it years ago. Baby pacifiers are far more fun. But they’re a bit smallish for me. The Nuk 5 ended up being less comfy. Maybe it’s the nipple shape? I need a happy medium somewhere. Can someone recommend something I should try?
Hello :hi: , I haven't tried pacis yet I'm actually really looking into it since I suck my thumb...So I was browsing the forum and your answer caught my eye, I also grind my teeth, so wanted to ask if it will also help for that? or if my theory is just way off? Oh and I saw some adult pacis on "wish" if you want to try thm, it's also online and they deliver to your house.
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