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online abdl mommies

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online abdl mommies

Postby babybri » 1 year ago

are there any ONLINE Mommies that are looking for just a little online adult baby boy? :mrgreen: just for play online maybe chat, skype or kik? do Mommies do that or are Mommies only irl like in person or can they be online too? my Mommy goes away for work and we dont get ot talk and she siad maybe i can find an online Mommy for abdl care

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Re: online abdl mommies

Postby littlesophia13 » 1 year ago

I hope so because I've been looking for an online mommy or daddy due to my location :/

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Re: online abdl mommies

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I'm almost sure you can find a Mommy that is offering online services. You may need to pay a fee or establish some type of mutual relationship for this type of situation though.

I'd suggest posting personal ads that you're looking for an online-only Mommy. I know lots of Dommes offer virtual services so I don't see why a Mommy Domme wouldn't offer any online interaction either.

I also know that in the UK especially there were some places that you could go to be taken care of by a Mommy in real life. There were fees but she would change you, feed you, and care for you. There was no sensual contact, of course. You might want to even check into something like that--but you should have your Mommy also look into that and see if it's the right thing for you.

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Re: online abdl mommies

Postby babygirl1995 » 1 year ago

Looking for a online e mommy

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