any vegans here? Recipe collection

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any vegans here? Recipe collection

Postby CelineCinnamon » 11 months ago

Are there any vegans here?
What are your favourite recipes?

Maybe for cookies and cakes because it's winter and i love to bake *-*


Re: any vegans here? Recipe collection

Postby lexyrosexo » 11 months ago

Hi Celine! I like to cook too( mostly baking), but I found this really nice recipe for a pumpkin cookie. I tried it out and fell in love. Link:

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Re: any vegans here? Recipe collection

Postby tinykumquat » 6 months ago

old topic buuuut I've been eating all plant based for quite some time. almost a year

I just made a tofu stir fry with a vegan peanut sauce. It was so good.

making the stir fry is easy, just a little coconut oil, veggies and baked tofu.
I make the sauce from powdered ginger, orange juice, soy sauce, hoisin, almond milk, cornstarch, siracha and any other spices, maple syrup, raw sugar or brownsugar. I whisk that all together with the frying veggies and add noodles or rice.

I've also been trying to experiment with different vegan mayonnaise recipes.

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