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Curious Daddy Introduction

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Curious Daddy Introduction

Postby Overduetwins » 2 years ago

Hello all!

I'm a 21 year old male from the great state of Minnesoooooota with a new interest in the ddlg dynamic. I'm interested in exploring more into it and would love to talk to any littles out there! I'm respectful and am more focused on making friends in the community at this point, but hey, you never know what might happen!

My username actually comes from my fascination with pregnancy, which is kind of my original "kink". Just getting that out there, but it certainly won't play a factor in my conversations, unless of course someone is interested.

Feel free to PM Me. I'm excited to see how well I fit in the community :)

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Re: Curious Daddy Introduction

Postby JuneStar » 2 years ago

Hi! I'm glad you've joined us here.

I would've been the one to ask about your username. :p I'm glad you explained it and cured me of my curiosity of that right away!

I hope your weather is getting nice and warm up that way. I lived in MN for a very brief period of time and the winters seemed kind of crazy and always dragged on.

I hope you meet lots of friends! :)

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Re: Curious Daddy Introduction

Postby littlesophia13 » 2 years ago

Hello and welcome :D

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