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Um.... Hi...

Postby Rayne » 11 months ago

Nice to meet you all... I am Rayne. Sorry I am a bit shy, especially on sites like this. I am a little, age in general in little mode tends to range from 1-4ish... Its hard to explain... But I prefer little to ABDL, little is more subtle... And it has less negative connotations I guess... But mainly it's because I am especially shy on this topic and saying it as boldly as "adult baby" isn't easy for me... And I am more of toddler in little mode... Though I guess baby and toddler overlap.

I am also into pet play in a non bdsm sense... So I am also a kitty... And umm... My feline and little sides often coincide, which can make me very kittenish.

Depending on how you define it I am also a furry. ^////^

Umm nice to meet you.

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