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Maintenance Spankings?

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Maintenance Spankings?

Postby DaddysPrinzessin » 1 year ago

So Daddy and I have noticed that I start acting bratty more if I don't get punished for a while, so Daddy decided we're going to start doing "maintenance spankings" to make sure I don't get to cocky. So I was wondering, do you guys have that in your relationship? If not, what do you Bigs do to keep your littles in line?

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Re: Maintenance Spankings?

Postby SirDaddy » 1 year ago

I think preemptive spankings to keep you in line is a really bad idea. JMHO

Spankings & punishments are for when you do something wrong/bad/misbehave/talk back/have an attitude. It's for correction.

If you do it too often for no purpose other than "to make sure you don't do anything bad" then the little is going to act out eventually because it doesn't matter if they are good or bad because they're going to get spanked any way. I mean WHY would a little be good if they know they're going to be punished any way just as an "in case" situation? that's really just lazy domming.

for me and my prior littles we have done correction when correction and discipline is needed

extra chores to keep them in line

keeping on top of their behavior and not letting get to the point of acting out and being bratty

i just think this idea of his might backfire

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Re: Maintenance Spankings?

Postby BabyPink » 1 year ago

I think if it works for you then it is fine!
I <3 My Daddy

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