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Site and community acronyms

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Here are some terms and acronyms that you may see used frequently on our site:

DD - Daddy Dominant
MD - Mommy Domme
CG - Caregiver (non-gender specific)
LG - Little girl
BG - Baby girl
LB - Little boy
BB - Baby boy
LO - Little One (non-gender specific)
AB - Adult Baby (non-gender specific)
DL - Diaper Lover (non-gender specific)
ABDL - Adult Baby and/or Diaper Lover (non-gender specific)
CGL - Caregiver and little (non-gender specific)
CGLO - Caregiver and little one (non-gender specific)
CGLre - Caregiver and little one; strictly nonsexual age regression (non-gender specific)
DDlg - Daddy Dom and little girl
DDlb - Daddy Dom and little boy
MDlg - Mommy Domme and little girl
MDlb - Mommy Domme and little boy
Ddbg - Daddy Dom and baby girl
Ddbb - Daddy Dom and baby boy
Mdbg - Mommy Domme and baby girl
Mdbb - Mommy Domme and baby boy

Switch - Takes on the role as a Caregiver sometimes and a little sometimes.

BDSM - Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism

D/s - Dominance and submission or Dominant and submissive

Ageplay - Roleplaying as an age the user is not biologically.

Everyone is biologically unrelated and of legal consenting adult age of 18 or older.

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Re: Site and community acronyms

Postby LeonicBear » 1 year ago


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Re: Site and community acronyms

Postby Rosetta » 11 months ago

awesome! Something we see often as well is ABDL which isnt in the list

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Re: Site and community acronyms

Postby Madimik1771 » 9 months ago

Awesome thank you

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