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Hi guys! New little <3

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Hi guys! New little <3

Postby angelally » 1 year ago

Hi guys! You can call me Ally, I'm 20 this year, new to the ddlg lifestyle and am hoping to get to know more people just like me with similar likes and interests!
My behavior throughout my entire life has always been quite child-like, my childhood friends who know me well are used to it, but new people I meet tend to find me childish and at times weird even hahahah.
I have dated a fair share of guys, but to be really honest none of it ever felt right. They may have understood my personality to a certain extent, but to me it felt like they just knew me from what I deemed 'safe' to show. I didn't want them to think that I 'behaved like a kid' and even felt ashamed of it for a period of time. Till I discovered this! Turns out I'm not the only one who feels this way :lol:

I've been with my daddy for about a month now and although there's both good and bad times (I'm quite a handful), I'm pretty contented with him. We don't live together, but he comes over to my place almost everyday. He gets me candies once in awhile and colors with me, watches movies with me, and gives me the occasional comforting and affection.

I like a daddy who's firm and strict and knows how to handle me. It took about a week for my daddy to figure that being too nice to me does no good at all. Is it just me who feels this way? When we just started out he was really nice to me and let me have my way with almost everything, almost even submissive to all my requests. I liked, but did not like that. The more he gave in to me, the more I expected from him and it just got me unhappy and bored. I wouldn't say I'm bratty, but I am really cheeky and I kind of like testing my daddy's patience. :roll:

I like drawing, coloring and painting ALOT and especially playing the piano. I also play the french horn and trumpet and I love swimming as well. I don't really care for ice cream and chocolate but I love love love love candy and popsicles :P I can't think of much more to say now hahaha.

I'm looking forward to get to know other littles here, happy holidays everyone xoxoxo :D
<3 Daddys little girl <3

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