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Ddlg without BDSM or a Dom / Dominant / Domination ?

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Ddlg without BDSM or a Dom / Dominant / Domination ?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

This is going to sound odd to a lot of people. I was thinking--I've been thinking--and I'm not sure if I'm really considered to be in a true ddlg relationship. Why?

My Daddy isn't a dominant.

Not in the BDSM sense anyway.

Sure, Daddy guides me and gives me direction. He will take the lead. He will comfort and console me. He keeps an eye out on my safety and will absolutely protect me when needed.

He doesn't punish me though. We don't do spankings or anything of the sort. He doesn't have a list of rules laid out that I need to follow. He doesn't tie me down or up. He doesn't have 'special playtime' with me in a rough or aggressive manner.

Daddy would never call me a easy adult entertainer or wench. He would never hit me for any reason, any where. Daddy would never hold me down or being aggressive with me--especially if it's just over him being aroused and wanting to get his cummy out. My Daddy is not any of those things that seem to be the mold.

We're twisty though. Daddy is always my Daddy. I'm always Daddy's little girl. He always takes the sort-of parental role with me and I submit to him because that's just how my personality naturally is about these things. He is gentle and caring.

Daddy is fulfilled.

I am fulfilled.

If either of us were into punishments, spankings, and aggressiveness then I don't think we would be together at all. Neither of us are interested in those things.

We feel like our relationship is right. We're not normal, no, but we're both quite happy about what we do and how we function.

Are there other "Ddlg" couples that don't do BDSM things? That don't do the spankings, punishments, rules, or other things that seem to be so commonly strung along with it? Are we the only ones? Does our kink not fit into this mold?

We've searched a little bit and have found very few people who are kind of vanilla Ddlg. BDSM? No, thank you. Ddlg? Yes, yes please.

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Re: Ddlg without BDSM or a Dom / Dominant / Domination ?

Postby devilslittlesister » 1 year ago

I would just like to say that every relationship is different.

My Daddy and I do twisty, or as he would say sexy, things together. He is more of a Dom, and I am a spanko at heart. I love to be spanked, and he loves to play in the bedroom. It's consenual, and it fits us.

I am very much a little girl, and he does his best to nurture that.

Being a Dom, he takes the lead in the bedroom, and in other situations. But it is always an underlying understanding that we have.

He is not a jerk, he doesn't dictate me or anything like that. If anything I should say, and at least I think, his Dom nature is what helps him be a better Daddy. It let's him take control when necessary and mentor me where I need it.

In our dynamic, we do punishments, when I have misbehaved, but that is something I personally need as a little, and is something I have asked for.

It works for us.

And it sounds like your relationship works for you.

DD/lg seems to be tagged along to BDSM everywhere I have researched. As a kink, adult interest or lifestyle. So I think any way you spin it, it is included whether we like it or not. But that does not necessarily mean that bondage, discipline, sadism or masochism occurs. But most of the littles I have talked to, usually do enjoy one or more of those things. I am guessing that is why littles/babygirls(boys) got intertwined with BDSM?

But I think it might be more common than you think, to have an only big-little relationship without all of the other stuff people tend to associate with it.

Regardless you guys have something good, and you are surrounded by people who will still accept you, even if their relationships differ.

You are in good company either way.


Re: Ddlg without BDSM or a Dom / Dominant / Domination ?

Postby Starrflower » 1 year ago

I am glad I found your post even though it was dated awhile ago. I almost didn't think I fit into this lifestyle because I am pretty vanilla (maybe 90%) except for the desire for a daddy. I guess it is still under bdsm because of the d/s regardless of how mild it is. I think your dynamic with your daddy is beautiful. And it is the type of relationship that I would look for. Even for an asexual little looking for a caregiver. It seems that even that still fits into this category.

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