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is ddlg a lifestyle always

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is ddlg a lifestyle always

Postby onlycurious » 1 year ago

im new to all of this if you can't tell lol sorry

is DDLG always a lifestyle?

Can it be only sometimes?

I don't know about ddlg 24/7 because it sounds like it would get complicated and maybe just

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Re: is ddlg a lifestyle always

Postby littlesophia13 » 1 year ago

No, it can be like anything else, taking up parts of your day, or even a weekend or once a week thing, whatever works for you and them

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Re: is ddlg a lifestyle always

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Ddlg (and variants) doesn't have to be 24/7. A lot of littles really want to be into 24/7 ddlg relationships; however, it isn't for everyone. Some of them play when it's convenient. Some of them set aside certain days or times to be little.

Ageplay / Cgl / ABDL and the like...there is no mold for these relationships or mindsets. The kink varies dramatically from person to person. Make it your own.

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