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To diaper or not to diaper?

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To diaper or not to diaper?

Postby ZoruatheNecromancer » 1 year ago

Okay so ive been rather inquizitive on the subject lately. I have conversed with meny ABDLs and the large majority usely has diapers incorperated into there activities as a staple for there fantasy/adult interest/what ever. Im guilty of this as well, when I'm on that side of the spectrum. But my question. Is do most dd/lg and md/lb fantasies include diapers? Or is it a case by case basis? Why? And why not would you not incorporate them? I'm rather unfamiliar with the dd/lg seen so please excuse any misunderstandings i may have just said or misuse of acyronmys.
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Re: To diaper or not to diaper?

Postby xxvickyxx » 1 year ago

Cases by case basis. I don't use diapers at all even though I am not always allowed to use the potty. We do not incorporate them due to cost and lack of interest in them. I have gone back and forth on the idea, but I'm still here diaper less and with no plans to change it.

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Re: To diaper or not to diaper?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I feel like DD/lg is more case by case than ABDL would be in terms of diapers. ABDL identify as either baby/toddler mentality or a flat-out diaper lover.

People identifying under DDlg would more likely (not always) be "little" versus "baby" if that makes sense. They'd be a bit less inclined to diaper 24/7 and may opt more towards the training pants type of idea.

I've seen plenty of littles use diapers. I've seen plenty of littles not use diapers. It's all personal preference.

For me, diapers don't add anything to my play. They're not comfortable or anything to me. They just don't "do it" for me when in littlespace. I'd only use diapers if my Caregiver was into it, and, even at that, it wouldn't be a common occurrence.

People who like get some sort of satisfaction from them. Maybe it makes them feel young or vulnerable. Make they like the extra padding or crinkle noises. I'm not sure--like I said, it's just something I can't relate to, really.

I'm more DDlg versus ABDL, obviously. My little age hovers closely to 4, usually--out of diapers and training pants but still very reliant on my Caregiver.

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