Owned Little/Kitten Wanting To Expand My Knowledge!

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Owned Little/Kitten Wanting To Expand My Knowledge!

Postby Quartzkitten » 11 months ago

Hi hi! My name is Jess and I'm a Little/Kitten from Florida who is collared/owned by my master and daddy! I came here as a means to make more friends who are like me and have an outlet for my personal thoughts and adult interests. I age play around 3-4, but I still take comfort in bottles and pacis, newly diapers. I guess you could say I'm a baby/toddler hybrid. hehe. Some of my interests are cute Japanese things, making pet and little gear, art and crafting, long baths, walks around the lake, getting trained, cuddling with my daddy, drinking tea, playing RPGs, singing, doing my makeup, etc. Aside from being owned, I am also looked after by my babysitter called Mommy Cat, who takes care of me when Master is working or away. Babysitter and I are long distance so she cares for me over messaging, skype, etc. We have a contract with rules and expectations that work for us and for master. I really want to meet new friends with like interests to mine. I have so many kitten friends, but not as many little friends so I am hoping to meet some here. If you want to talk, just message me!

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