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Why do I like to wear adult diapers?

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Why do I like to wear adult diapers?

Postby diaperdoll » 1 year ago

What's wrong with me? I'm an adult.

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Re: Why do I like to wear diapers?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

There is nothing wrong with you.

For many people diapers provide an extra comfort and security. It's like a soft, warm hug gently wrapped around your bottom. Some people like the crinkle noise. Some people like the extra padding and how it fills out around them. Some people like the extra warmth they provide. Some people like the restriction they feel when diapered. Some people like the security that if they leak a little it'll soak it in for them.

Don't worry so much about what makes you not fit into the mold you think of as normal. Normal does not exist. Normal is just something we create in our heads. You are perfectly fine.

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Re: Why do I like to wear adult diapers?

Postby BabyMax » 2 months ago

Believe me, I used to think the same way. But then I realized that there are loads of people just like me. JuneStar is right, normal doesn't exist, your as normal as you feel, and if wearing diapers to you is normal, then your normal.

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Re: Why do I like to wear adult diapers?

Postby Alanna_Baby » 2 months ago

We all go through this phase at one point or another to be perfectly honest. A lot of us even have binge and purge cycles. In the end, what Max said is actually pretty accurate. When I first realized my interest in this lifestyle I was ok with it. Then I started dating a girl, and she wasn't so into it. She knew and understood, but never really participated and I felt like she judged me to a degree for attempting to embrace it. So I had a lot of self-doubts. But eventually we broke up and ya know what? I feel better for it, and I can follow my wants and needs as I see fit.
Mine was an external force working directly upon me, but most have an internal voice of doubt. Want some words of advice? Accept who you are and embrace it. Because second guessing and suppressing who you are will only lead to despair. Reach out to people on forums like this and we'll happily talk for hours on end about stories and the like and who knows, you may just find something more than acceptance and friends on here or another site. with nothing more to say currently, welcome friend to the crazy world that we all love!

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