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Ddlg Macaroni Artwork for Daddy

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Ddlg Macaroni Artwork for Daddy

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Has anyone made their Daddy / Mommy / Caregiver macaroni artwork? Like, maybe a macaroni necklace, picture frame, or just other artwork by using elmer's glue and plain, uncooked macaroni? It feels like such a little thing to do. I'd want to do it but I want to be super duper creative about it! Any ideas or good suggestions?

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Re: Ddlg Macaroni Artwork for Daddy

Postby WhirledPeace » 1 year ago
Personally I think this is trally cool. Not sure if that's what you had in mind though

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Re: Ddlg Macaroni Artwork for Daddy

Postby littlesophia13 » 1 year ago

I think anything made by their little will make them happy, its the though that counts *nodds*

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