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Rosetta supporty
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More Info about me!

Postby Rosetta supporty » 1 year ago

Hey all!

I've just joined this site and it looks really really awesome!
I'm not entirely new to the DDLG dynamic. First joined Fetlife about a year and a half ago, I've dabbled in this world for a while as a sub. Needless to say, I am not really limiting myself to any sort of label, although I would say sub/Little is most accurate.
I only recently (read: half a year) started to accept my little side even though it has always popped up and only now my behavior with my Vanilla ex started to make sense and deserve it's rightful spot as being part of me.

I'm happy to be welcomed at this site, I've been in another ddlg forum (still am, although much less active), for a while now however recently I have sort of "fallen out of connection" with it. I must say the first impression this forum makes, with it's more informative and adult-oriented approach is a very great one!

Hope I can find a lot of interesting discussions, debates, engaging informative topics as a Little as well :)



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