Hi, I'm Dollie...

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Hi, I'm Dollie...

Postby Dollie » 11 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm an asexual little girl who goes by the name "Dollie". Some of you may recognize my Tumblr, [REMOVED].

I first discovered little space and the cgl lifestyle on Tumblr itself. At first I thought it was kind of strange, because I had never been exposed to anything like this... but then I realized how much it seemed to call to me. Little space felt like home. It was so relaxing! And since then, I've considered myself a "Little". A few months later, I found my caregiver, a ftm daddy who cares about me a whole lot. He even respects my asexuality.

I'm a little shy at first, but I love to meet new friends!! Maybe you can introduce me to your stuffies, tell me about yourself, all kinds of stuff!
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