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Dissappearing Daddies - Daddy Dom Perspective

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Re: Dissappearing Daddies - Daddy Dom Perspective

Postby Southend_Loyal » 9 months ago

I don't even HAVE a Daddy yet and I'm worried about him leaving already!
However, my healthy self esteem will probably help me and like BigPapa wouldn't be personal.
Daddy's here baby girl

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Re: Dissappearing Daddies - Daddy Dom Perspective

Postby JackR » 8 months ago

for some it may be "personal", for some it maybe "I've found someone else" but ultimately they made a choice, not a good one IMHO, but a choice none the less.
It's about the ability to summon the courage to say good bye, some guys find the feelings too intense, some find the feelings too awkward or that they perceive that someone has found out their little secret, the people I have met, who are real in this alt. lifestyle don't get spooked off easily, for them "it is what it is".
Star is correct, whether vanilla or kink, relationships come and go for a variety of reasons, we have to accept this and move on with our feelings hurt or our egos bruised, but one thing is for sure the community rallies when one of us is hurt, that's the reason we gravitate toward like minded people... security and understanding

its your life... live free!!
"it's your life... live free"

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Re: Dissappearing Daddies - Daddy Dom Perspective

Postby Kashalita » 7 months ago

Here's my two cents as a new little with a Daddy who recently took a month off. We've only been together for a few months and he still texted me occasionally, but now he's back.
I personally think it's a lot of pressure to be a Daddy even if they like it. But when he's responsible for my well being he doesn't feel like he can let down his role to get support from me, to have me take care of him.
I think he got overwhelmed by the responsibility and didn't have someone to turn to so needed a break to get his head together.
Maybe someone less secure in themselves would feel all that responsibility and just decide to back off completely.
Its a huge commitment to be in charge of someone else's happiness.

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