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Dissappearing Daddies - Little Perspective

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Rosetta supporty
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Dissappearing Daddies - Little Perspective

Postby Rosetta supporty » 1 year ago

Yet again I was reading some stuff somewhere about DDlg and I came accross yet ANOTHER post about a little having their dd magically vanish.
I've come across too many of these posts and I am totally not understanding what and how this can happen. I've seen finally enough of them to make a post about this "concept".

This last post was about a girl that started off as boyfriend and girlfriend and HE introduced ddlg to her. According to her, they had never felt closer, not had any fights and then one day she came home and all his things were gone and he'd left.
I don't understand. Why does this happen?
I've seen so so many posts of this happening I really would LOVE for someone to explain me what goes on mentally in the mind of this DD to do this - mind you i will NOT judge, I really just am trying to understand the psychology behind this!

The first place is ddlg that i hear about this. Vanilla relationships you hear about long lasting fights and all that jazz before people break up. Dom/sub or Master/slave relationships seem to have long talks before deciding to part ways.
And so I thought with DDlg the latter would be also the case.

It is a hard to grasp concept that in such a "deep" relationship connection partners can not feel free to really convey their feelings, even if they have started the connection as a vanilla couple before (where their same little partner could "show" their maturity to handle such topics for sure).
I personally could not imagine this happen to me (as i'm sure noone can) and the thought of being totally great with one's partner and then the next day they are gone is pretty crazy.

So here are some questions I have so we might get to the bottom of this phenomenon:
(I'm sorry if these are very emotional topics to talk about but be aware you don't have to if it will just make you sad to talk about it. Although sharing your personal experiences might be good to let things off your chest..)
-Littles who have had this happen: What did you do afterwards, could you still contact him over phone/email, talk to him? To which extend did he block you? How did this whole thing happen where he really left you just like that, do you remember what you did right before?
-DD/CG: Could you come up with potential feelings/reasons why it could be imaginable to do this kind of thing? Could you imagine you being in this position and why not/yes?
-DD/CG that have done this before: What made you do this? Why did you believe at the time that this was the best way of handling things? How do you feel regarding this now? Would you take the same approach now (why?)? Was it hard for you? How was the time before this going, and how was the time for you afterwards? Did you have trouble not contacting your Little (ex) or contacting them (but it didnt work?)?


** I do understand this is a VERY sensitive topic that brings with it a lot of hurt probably. I want to make CLEAR that this is aimed at a SAFE space for discussion and sharing: WITH NO JUDGEMENT. I really would like to hear the DD/CG side but this is not realistic if everyone jumps on them and tosses blames/hurt feelings around. I would like to create the space to share everyone's stories and experiences, free of judgement, so that we can try and understand what is really going on, and all benefit from being a more understanding person towards also those who hurt us. THANKS! **

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