Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Postby JessieCat » 11 months ago

Hi, I'm Jessie and I just joined like a minute ago.

I like cats (I have three), dogs (I have one), purple, and sweets. I also like to do crafts, color, jump rope, and play with chalk. I love theme parks. I'm an introvert and shy. Sometimes I get anxiety really bad.

I'm in a polyamorous relationship and have a Maddy and a Daddy. I'm here because while I love being a little, I have a hard time getting into littespace (especially when I'm stressed out), so I thought that having a place to go and read articles and stuff might help with that.

I've never participated in a forum before, really, so I'm nervous.

If life gives you lemons, find the person life gave sugar to and become a team. Then find the person life gave water to and become a gang -- Shane Koyczan

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Re: Introducing myself

Postby K3NNA » 11 months ago

I am new to this as well. I think I might be a little so I wanted to check it out and learn☺️

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