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Am I thinking about DDLG the right way?

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Am I thinking about DDLG the right way?

Postby badbaby » 1 year ago

Hi Littles,

I am really, really new to this and I've never had a Daddy before.

My idea about what I want is a man who is bigger than me and older than me who likes me to act little - like being cute, not knowing things, being shy, learning lessons, playing and being innocent.

But I have always been into BDSM - I like really rough relations and I want a Daddy who is okay with treating me like that ONLY in the bedroom, but who will do aftercare and look after me properly at all other times.

Some of what I've read on here is that other Littles are upset at the thought of their Daddies being rough with them at all.

Am I thinking the wrong things? Is it wrong to want your Daddy to hurt you sometimes?
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Rosetta supporty
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Re: Am I thinking about DDLG the right way?

Postby Rosetta supporty » 1 year ago

Nooooo hahaha!
I like that too! It all depends on the mood of course. And besides, we can't be Littles ALL of the time anyhow!
I mean if you look at it, having relations isn't a very "little" thing to do in the first place. And I suppose that some littles therefore aren't liking a sensual ddlg relationship. Or others like it to be in a very cuddly kind of way. But for others they like the punishment - reward system and I suppose having pain or roughness in the bedroom does offer a good contrast and makes you feel like you really "deserve" all the sweetness afterwards and on other times :)

To me it makes sense, I like it too!

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Re: Am I thinking about DDLG the right way?

Postby DanielDaddy16 » 1 year ago

Not at all. Each little has her/his own desires. I'd advise that you set some clear guidelines with your Daddy Dom, but other than that have fun!

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Re: Am I thinking about DDLG the right way?

Postby BabyPink » 1 year ago

You can like whatever you want to like! :3
I <3 My Daddy

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Re: Am I thinking about DDLG the right way?

Postby littlechelsea » 1 year ago

Not at all! DDLG/CGL is all what YOU make it! I like rough relations myself but its only in the bedroom like you. You are far from alone with this trust me
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