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Dollar Store Little Finds!

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Dollar Store Little Finds!

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I love dollar stores. We recently went to the Dollar Tree here in the U.S. and found such awesome little things like:

Webkins stuffies (small selection)
Hello Kitty coloring book
My Little Pony coloring book
Winnie the Pooh reading books
Word searches (one was Monsters Inc. themed)
Lisa Frank stickers
Discounted Christmas candies and chocolate ($.50 for a giant chocolate Santa? Uh, yes!)
Reusable plastic animal plates
Snack cups
Pacifiers (small selection)
Cartoon toothbrushes (My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse, and Cars)
Small, plastic Disney princess figurines

What have you found in your local dollar store that makes your little-side thrilled and extra happy?

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Re: Dollar Store Little Finds!

Postby littlechelsea » 1 year ago

I just got a big Lisa Frank coloring book and sticker pack there a few weeks ago! I was surprised at how much cute stuff they had there! Even their knock off cheap dolls were cute and pretty nice considering. I have noticed there is a lot of cute stuff at Big Lots too!
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