Looking for fwiends!

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Looking for fwiends!

Postby PrincessCindy » 11 months ago

Hi my name is Cindy and I'm six! (in RL I'm Andrea and I'm twenty) I LOVE Disney, Tinker bell and the princesses and Disney world. I mostly watch Disney channel (although even I admit some of the better shows were on when I was younger) and listen to Disney music. I like to believe in fairies and unicorns and pixie dust! I'm hoping to find a fwiend, I can talk to and play with!
PM me if you want to be my fwiend! I hope we can be fwiends! :)

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Re: Looking for fwiends!

Postby peachykitten » 10 months ago

do you have line or kik

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Re: Looking for fwiends!

Postby DarkAngelPrincess » 9 months ago

Hiya I'm Jhane and I'm wooking for a fwiend!

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