HI GUYS!! new little boy

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HI GUYS!! new little boy

Postby whittle_Prince » 11 months ago

HI GUYS!! I'm a new little here, and I'm really worried I won't be accepted because I'm a trans little boy :( I really want to make little friends and maybe find a daddy tho!? That would be fantastic :D

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Re: HI GUYS!! new little boy

Postby Rosetta » 11 months ago

Don't be worried about that! Most things in the BDSM world are all about acceptance, after all it is sort of a hill of things considered "abnormal" by society, hence why all of the BDSM community is about givnig each other that extra acceptance we don't get from the "outside" people!
And besides that, there are many many littles that are trans, you are not the only one! I hope for you that you won't just meet a Daddy you like but also some awesome littles to make friends with :) See you in chat some time!

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