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pastelpunkprettyboy supporty
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Postby pastelpunkprettyboy supporty » 1 year ago

I'm Alex. :) I am 21, but my Little age tends to drift between 4 and 6, as well as 10 and 12. I am an LB and have been for less than a year, aware of it at least. I've been interested in and participating in the BDSM community for about a year and a half now. n_n CGl did really get my butt in the door, though. I'm also trans masculine and agender, as well as autistic.

In Little space I love Paw Patrol an' Octonauts an' coloring an' my stuffies an' superheroes an' an' dinosaurs an' space an' my toys (I gots TWO Everest plushies from Paw Patrol AN' a blankie with Skye, Everest, an' Marshall on it. :D) an' video games (but I like video games outside of Little space too! I just got a new laptop for video games :D) an' snacks an' cuddles an' lotsa other stuffs too. I try to be a really really good boy 'cuz I don't like bein naughty. :( Is no fun and gets you in trouble >O< who'd wanna get in trouble?!

Buuuuuuuut yea das me :) I love making friends, but I'm super shy (>o///o<) i try not to be but i am. n//0//n so feel free to message me an' stuff. I promise I'll reply even if I'm shy. Pinky promise !!!

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