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Postby Lolicum » 11 months ago

My pronouns are They and She. I'm a genderfluid college freshie who's attached to their phone, and I'm your local swamp witch. I like independent films and music alike. If it has to do with a queer or a nymphet, I've probably laid eyes on it. I also go thrifting a lot and am on a never-ending mission to read every book that I've ever gotten from a thrift shop. Do you like to read? I do too. I also like DIY, and writing, and tea, and cats, and strawberry candy.

But that's just what's in my profile

I learned about littlespace online from google and I figured, "This is for me. Yes. FINALLY."
So I hope I can make a lot of friends here and maybe learn from some of you and maybe some of you can learn from me. I'm not the most outgoing, but I can assure you I'm still a sweetie pie.

A bit about me as a little

I'm spoiled, but not a brat. I really love tickling and cuddling, and playing with dolls and dressup games online as well as with my stuffie and Daddy. Anything else? Feel free to ask.
~twisty little acid faerie

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