Greetings from LivingParadox

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Greetings from LivingParadox

Postby LivingParadox » 11 months ago

Hello there! I'm here fore a few reasons ranging from learning and having fun to finding a partner. I'm 23. And, I identify mostly as male, but I think gender fluid may be something I'll identity with in the future. I still need more time on that. I'm a CG, but with switchy tendencies. Currently a student, very close to starting work at a professional level. Some of my favorite things are video games, cooking, baking, reading really good books, planning trips I never go on, and learning new things. As a person, I tend to be a clear communicator and will take charge when I need to. In doing so, it's really important to me to be respectful and courteous. Talking about philosophy, foreign languages, or interesting history is a sure way to grab my attention.

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