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Daddy Doms that are older than 45 years old?

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Daddy Doms that are older than 45 years old?

Postby nonpersonnna » 1 year ago


Are there ever any Daddies that are older than 45 years old? I'm freshly 17 and was just wondering because I am new to this world and have found a caring older man but it seems strange.

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Re: Daddies that are older than 45 years old?

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Littlespace Online is intended for a mature audience over the age of consent (18+ or 21+ depending on the user's location). We do not encourage contact regarding this scene or lifestyle with minors.

Since the user stated they are not 18 they have been banned from our site for now. The user may contact the admin through the link below if there has been a misunderstanding. ... ntactadmin

It is illegal to engage in any type of sensual conversation with a minor. Being biologically under the age of 18 would be considered a minor. DDLG = a part of BDSM which = a type of sensual relation/communication.

Doms need to be smart. If you are thinking, "Well, we wouldn't be talking about relations..." then think about a situation where you'd need to explain to a parent of a 14 year old why in the world you were telling her what to do, babying her, and textually pretending to be a "father figure" online to the person. Think of how you'd explain that situation to the authorities. Think of how you'd explain that situation to a court room.
Your IP can be tracked. Your cell number can locate you. Your email address can be linked to who you are and where you are. Be smart; not desperate.

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Re: Daddies that are older than 45 years old?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I'm going to be bold here and say it outright.

If you just turned 17 then we are to think that you probably met this 45+ year old "caring" older man when you were, at least, 16.

That is not what DD/lg is though.

What you're describing is child involvement. The 45+ year old man who is oh so "caring" is trying to be your Daddy Dom when you're still a teenager. That means he isn't into roleplaying or littles--he's into underaged girls. He's into ACTUAL teenagers--not adults roleplaying as teenagers. That's not okay. child involvement is never okay.

Steer away from him. His "caring" attitude could certainly be to lure you in to grooming. Be safe.

Also, yes, there are plenty of older men and women who are honestly into true DD/lg dynamics. I've seen plenty of 40+ and even 50+ people who enjoy the freshness of the dynamic. I feel that these people are less outspoken though so they're more "behind the scenes" than upfront and vocalizing their experiences as much as younger generations.

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