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Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone!

Postby Looking408 » 1 year ago

I've been into this for a while. I've always liked taking care of people. It makes me happiest when I can do that for a special someone. To those who don't understand it seems like I'm babying them or treating them like they need the help. But I just like doing things to help.

And because of that I feel really at home with being a daddy. Because having/needing a little is perfect because it's what they need, so it's a win, win =)

I do best with littles out of diapers or if you are transitioning or want to transition to big girl undies. I love shopping and spending all the time with them as possible. I have always loved and have never stopped watching cartoons or playing..

So here is to a new year and hopefully finding what I'm looking for!

And to all of you here! Hope it's a great 2016!

And a happy birthday to me today!!!! =)

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