Minor or Underage Section  [Answered]

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Minor or Underage Section  [Answered]

Postby DaddysDingbat » 1 year ago

Ageplay doesn't have to be sensual. Can we have sections that are for people that are under 18? I have a lot of ddlg friends who are 15, 16, and 17 and looking for a place like this to join. I want them to join in on the conversations. Maybe they could have a section of their own?

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Re: Minor or Underage Section

Postby admin » 1 year ago

No. I'm sorry.

Ddlg, ageplay, Mdlb, ABDL, and other Cgl roles are considered, by psychological definition, adult interests. While these situations may not always contain sensual feelings or interaction, it still boils down that it is considered a adult interest.

If we were to allow minors to openly join our community then we could potentially be at risk for having the site closed down permanently. As the owner and operator, I could potentially face court hearings to try to explain that this adult interest isn't always sensual. This means the site would no longer be accessible to you and, if my explanation wasn't as clear or thorough as needed to be to vanilla folks, it could bring bad light to the community.

I know it's hard to fathom but even places like Google consider us an adult site. It clearly states in multiple sections of a variety of their Terms of Service and User Agreement policies that sites that involve adult interests based on diapers, roleplaying, or Dominant/submissive situations are adult.

A adult interest may be an obsession or sensual desire in which gratification is dependent upon specific objects (diapers, food items, etc.), materials (leather, latex, etc), parts of a body (feet, toes, ears, etc.), or situations. Examples of types of adult interests and fetishistic practices may include, but are not limited to:

bestiality, necrophilia, incest, and voyeurism
role-playing, bondage, dominance and submission
sadomasochism, snuff

https://support.google.com/adsense/answ ... exual_aids

Now, while we can say, "I know, vanilla-people-of-Google (as our example here), but, hey, they aren't getting a sensual desire or gratification on the diapers! They're just comfortable!" They are going to point out that many people on the forum and other sites do have a tendency to enjoy the diapers in more than just a soothing way. It would be a back-and-forth situation where, sadly, we would likely have a very difficult time making our justifications as to why we should let minors participate.

It's too messy to bring to our community. We get enough hardships over misunderstandings. I wouldn't want to bring us into the spotlight for further public harassment. I don't think we, as a community, are ready to withstand the blows we'd face if we were more public.

Underage folks are also going through a lot in their lives. I understand that they may feel little but it's likely not the best time in their lives to try to dive into it. It puts them into a vulnerable situation where people who feel authoritative in the scene can take advantage of them and their naivety.

I'm glad you've found little friends but they will need to wait to join our community online. As you likely are aware, they will be 18+ in absolutely no time. We will welcome them with open arms at that point. :)

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Re: Minor or Underage Section

Postby princessrachel » 11 months ago

this is something underage littles need because they are valid and they don't need to feel like they're not

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Re: Minor or Underage Section

Postby admin » 11 months ago

princessrachel wrote:this is something underage littles need because they are valid and they don't need to feel like they're not

I'm going to have to make the assumption that you did not choose to read my initial reply or that it was not clearly understood. (Your argument about them needing to feel valid trumps the law because..?) For convenience, I will briefly go over what I said:

There are serious legal ramifications for allowing people under the biological age of 18 on our adult site no matter how much an "underage little" wants to feel like they're valid or accepted.

If they want validation then they will need to go elsewhere because I am pretty firm about not wanting to go to court (or prison) just because they wanted validation on this adult website.

No means no.

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