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Ddlg apps for Iphone or Android

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Ddlg apps for Iphone or Android

Postby DaddysDingbat » 1 year ago

I have an iphone 6 and an ipad and Daddy has a Samsung something (Android). We were looking for some apps that are kind of like Ddlg. Like...little apps that maybe I'd like to play around with sometimes (especially when we travel). Are there any ddlg like apps you recommend? Daddy will let me use his phone too so it doesn't HAVE to be for iphone only.

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Re: Ddlg apps for Iphone or Android

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I found kind of a list of cute DDlg APPs online. I'm not sure if they are Android or iOS. Here is what I found:

Disney's TsumTsum
Pony Makeover
Bubble Shooter
Littlest Pet Shop
Plant Nanny
Garfield Pet Hospital
Garfield Diner Games
Where's My Water
Match 3
Juice Splash
Toca Boca
Cut the Rope
Disco Zoo

Create a LinePlay account

The LINE app has the ability to text and make brief calls (it even supports international calls then). You can customize it with themes and there are also millions of stickers to choose from to make your conversations cute. A lot of DDlg couples like this app. I think it works for both iOS and Android.

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